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Some people who live in Loudoun County, VA might say that Eastern Loudoun is a completely different lifestyle experience than Western Loudoun.  It could be true, but there are definitely perks to either location.

In Eastern Loudoun, you will find more planned communities with HOA’s (homeowner’s associations), community pools, conveniences such as shopping centers and grocery stores close by.  Western Loudoun has historically been known as more rural but the landscape has changed dramatically over the years  as development has sprung and taken away large parcels of open land.  The number of communities has increased, however, its my opinion that the same kind of planning that was done in Eastern Loudoun to accomodate walking trails or an overall plan for a neighborhood has not been done to the same extent in Western Loudoun.  I think its in part to the resistance of development to the west.  Western Loudoun is working hard to maintain the small town feel and retain their open space.  Shopping is a little further away for the big box stores but there are plenty of options when you go into one of the towns.  Purcellville has 2 grocery stores and has several places to eat and its definitely a family friendly town.

Below are links to single family homes in the $450,000 to $700,000 range in both Eastern Loudoun and Western Loudoun County, VA.  This might give you some flavor for the differences in living in different parts of the county.  Overall, I’d say you will still get bigger lots in Western Loudoun vs Eastern Loudoun and there is still some feel of small town living the further west you go.

Check it out for yourself and leave a comment as to which you prefer and why!  Would love to hear your opinion!

Eastern Loudoun County Single Family Homes between $450-700,000

Western Loudoun County Single Family Homes between $450-700,000

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