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Fall finally feels like it is here after the Halloween rain storms brought in colder weather.  We can now finally pull out the sweaters and turtlenecks after having a really warm October with several t-shirt, shorts and flip flop days.

Starting off in November, we have a few fun things to add to the calendar.  In addition to the events below, be sure to follow us on our Facebook page, 365 Things to do in Loudoun County, where you will find fun things posted daily.  If you know of an event or have an event you would like to see featured, please email us at SonjaAdams@kw.com.  Would be happy to help you get the word out!

Wrapping up Halloween this weekend are two fun events.  Loudoun’s Largest Halloween Party is on Nov 2nd at the National Conference Center.  For more details check out Loudoun’s Largest Halloween Party on Facebook.   And what better way to say goodbye to Halloween than Great Country Farm’s annual Pumpkin Chunkin?  Smash a few pumpkins and then head up the mountain to either the Bluemont Vineyard or Dirt Farm Brewing.. if you go to Dirt Farm, check out their new paved road!  Huge progress over there!  For more info on the Pumpkin Chunkin, head over to the Great Country Farms event page


Night at the Library

Tonight is the Night at the Library.  Kind of reminds me of the movie, Night at the Museum.. is that the name of that movie where the museum comes alive?  If not, leave a comment below to remind me of the name!  This event will take you through some of the unusual collections and a sneak peak at the Museum’s art storage collection and the rare book room.  Enjoy an evening of surprises to include antique dog collars, Paul Mellon’s riding boots and the weird world of four footed beasts and books in the vaults of the Library.

          Hungry for some Oysters?  Head on over to Creek’s Edge Winery!

     If you aren’t an oyster fan, but like seafood, Dirt Farm Brewery is hosting

the Second Annual Low Country Boil + Spill The Tea Beer Release!


For more events for this upcoming week, be sure to head over to 

      365 Things to do in Loudoun County!

Planning Ahead?  Here are a couple events coming up!


The Christmas Shop at the Middleburg Community Center 

Revamp your Seasonal Home Decor @ Bear Chase Brewing


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