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Business Spotlight – Savoir Fare Catering

Business Spotlight – Savoir Fare Catering

My first introduction to Savoir Fare Catering was not really an introduction at all, but rather  a glimpse in the window of their former restaurant in Round Hill.  I would drive by the restaurant every day and think I should go, but my first impression was that it was going to be pricey and not the relaxed homey “Cheers” type atmosphere I felt I wanted close to home.  I never went to eat there, but now I’m actually sorry I didn’t take the opportunity.

Recently I was driving through town and noticed a food truck behind the restaurant with a line.  I wondered what it was all about and finally stopped in to check it out. Savoir Fare decided to open their food truck on select evenings for take out.  But it wasn’t take out like anything I’ve ever had before.  This food is gourmet takeout and so scrumptious my mouth waters every time I drive by.

Savoir Fare is open during the winter months and will only be offering this takeout until the end of Feb.  I’m going to be trying the shrimp and grits tonight if I get there early enough.  Last week I went twice to pick it up and they were sold out each time.  I can’t wait to try this so am going to stop in early.  Everything I’ve eaten there is wonderful and I’m sorry this is only going to be open through the end of Feb.

I also think my first impression of the restaurant was probably far off base.  I wish I had gone when it was open.  Savoir Fare is open year round though and is one of the best catering companies around.  If you need a caterer, I highly recommend them!

Ok, I’m heading out for my dinner!  If you see me there, say hello.  I love meeting my neighbors!

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