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Buying a home

I can help you find the perfect home, make sure you get the best price, and that the transaction runs smoothly from start to finish.

A home is one of the largest purchases you will ever make


In our experience, a house becomes a home because of the feel when  you walk through the front door.  It’s a vision of what you can instantly picture of what your life unfolding there will be.  This home is your life and dreams and your future.

Becoming a home owner is one of the most rewarding experiences you’ll ever enjoy. Knowledge of the home buying process and the professional you choose to help you in the purchase of your home can save you from  unnecessary headaches and unforeseen hassles.

There are many aspects of the home purchase process that require explanation from the agent you are working with, which will better position you in your search, negotion, and closing.  This is where we come in.  We are here to offer the guidance, information and assistance that only a qualified real estate professional can provide. We stay on top of all the latest real estate laws and regulations providing you with expert advice and quality servicer you deserve.

When you have a dedicated team working together with you on a planned strategy during your purchase, chances are you’ll be moving into your dream home sooner than you might imagine.

Here are some ways I can help you buy your perfect home


Things to Keep in Mind

Some things to keep in mind during your search include having a mortgage pre-approval before you start looking.  You will need to know how much house you can afford before you fall in love with something that is out of your qualifying range.  We can help you find a good mortgage lender that will guide you through the home buying process.

Commit to working with a strong buyers agent who will commit to looking after your interests and communicating what you need to know during the process.


Area Knowledge

Location, location, location.

This is key when buying a home.  When looking for a home, we suggest doing your research on the neighborhood.  Decide what schools or commuting routes or lifestyle works for you.  Check out school districts, shopping and dining, public transportation, recreational areas and crime statistics.

Not only is the feel of the house important, but the neighborhood feel is equally important to determine if it feels like home to you.


Negotiating Contracts

Searching for a home and writing an offer on a home is just the beginning.  Plan to hire a strong negotiator who will look after your best interests. 

The sales contract is not the only place where  you need a negotiator.  For instance, there are often home inspection items that need to negotiated.

We can help you through all negotiation aspects in the contract to ensure that your home buying experience is a smooth process.

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